Additional resources

Lymphatic function and immune regulation in health and disease

Pneumatic compression therapy and the treatment of lower body lymphedema

Near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging

Lymphatic massage – systematic review

Dry brushing and circulation stimulation

Rebounding and lymphatics:

Research into treatments for lymphedema

Anatomy of Breast Lymphatics

Causes to changes in lymphatic flow to breast

Fibrocystic breast

The spread of breast cancer through lymph nodes

Breast cancer staging

Self care for breast

Self breast exam

Lymphatics imaging of breast

Daya Fisch’s Breast Health Project:

Dr. Perry Nickelston’s Course on Lymphatics: Lymphatic Mojo

Dr Dooley’s Beginner rebounding video:

Moving Breast Lymph

Circulation Tap

KB Complex

SCM and Arm Pendulum

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