Webinar Extracts on TMJ

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How to self-assess for TMJ issues?

What are the causes of TMJ problems?

How can we work with the TMJ?

What is the connection between the TMJ, the pelvis and the lower back?

What are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder?

How do TMJ issues affect the whole body?

What is the role of trigger points in TMJ?

What are the implications of inflammation and root canal fillings?

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

What do the Bowen TMJ moves do?

Why is the TMJ important to consider in treatment?

Stomatognathic system, secondary respiratory system and TMJ

How does the pelvis and coccyx relate to the TMJ?

How does the TMJ relate to the neck?

The anatomy of jaw opening and ramifications for TMJ problems

What happens when we open our mouth?

What is normal movement for the TMJ?

How does whiplash affect the TMJ?

How do TMJ problems affect the Cranial Nerves?

How does the TMJ affect other spinal nerve pathways?

The ramifications of inflammation in the TMJ?

Dental issues and the TMJ

Assessment of the TMJ