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Extract TitleTopic Area
How to self-assess for TMJ issues?TMJ
What are the causes of TMJ problemsTMJ
How can we work with the TMJ?TMJ
What is the connection between the TMJ, the pelvis and the lower back?TMJ
What are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder?TMJ
How do TMJ issues affect the whole body?TMJ
What is the role of trigger points in TMJ?
What is the definition of pain? Pain
How does perception of pain work? Pain
What’s happening in phantom limb pain? Pain
Is pain a 'mistake'? Pain
What is the difference between acute pain and chronic pain? Pain
How do we turn the 'danger signals' off? Pain
Is pain about the tissues? Pain
What can we suggest for people in chronic pain?
How can we down-regulate pain sensations when moving?
What’s going on in chronic pain and fibromyalgia? Pain
How do we work with people with fibromyalgia? Pain
What are the best treatment strategies in fibromyalgia? Pain
How do I interact with someone with chronic pain? Pain
What are the effects of early exposure to pain? Pain
What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?TMJ
What are the implications of inflammation and root canal fillings? TMJ
What do the Bowen TMJ moves do? TMJ
Why is the TMJ important to consider in treatment? TMJ
Stomatognathic system, secondary respiratory system and TMJ TMJ
How does the pelvis and coccyx relate to the TMJ?
How does the TMJ relate to the neck? TMJ
The anatomy of jaw opening and ramifications for TMJ problems TMJ
What happens when we open our mouth? TMJ
What is normal movement for the TMJ? TMJ
How does whiplash affect the TMJ? TMJ
How do TMJ problems affect the Cranial Nerves? TMJ
How does the TMJ affect other spinal nerve pathways? TMJ
The ramifications of inflammation in the TMJ? TMJ
Dental issues and the TMJ TMJ
Assessment of the TMJ TMJ
What to say when people want success assurance Practitioner Support
How to establish a good price for each client Practitioner Support
Confidentiality when mentioning other clients Practitioner Support
The pressure of Bowen moves Practitioner Support
Is it essential for clients to have their head to one side? (In a Bowen treatment) Practitioner Support
Why do we have to wait before we can learn all the moves? Practitioner Support
Do we explain a treatment plan to our clients? Practitioner Support
When the client wants to determine the course of the treatment Practitioner Support
Can we use clients' testimonials? Practitioner Support