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Extract TitleTopic Area
How to self-assess for TMJ issues?TMJ
What are the causes of TMJ problemsTMJ
How can we work with the TMJ?TMJ
What is the connection between the TMJ, the pelvis and the lower back?TMJ
What are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder?TMJ
How do TMJ issues affect the whole body?TMJ
What is the role of trigger points in TMJ?
What is the definition of pain? Pain
How does perception of pain work? Pain
What’s happening in phantom limb pain? Pain
Is pain a 'mistake'? Pain
What is the difference between acute pain and chronic pain? Pain
How do we turn the 'danger signals' off? Pain
Is pain about the tissues? Pain
What can we suggest for people in chronic pain?
How can we down-regulate pain sensations when moving?
What’s going on in chronic pain and fibromyalgia? Pain
How do we work with people with fibromyalgia? Pain
What are the best treatment strategies in fibromyalgia? Pain
How do I interact with someone with chronic pain? Pain
What are the effects of early exposure to pain? Pain
What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?TMJ
What are the implications of inflammation and root canal fillings? TMJ
What do the Bowen TMJ moves do? TMJ
Why is the TMJ important to consider in treatment? TMJ
Stomatognathic system, secondary respiratory system and TMJ TMJ
How does the pelvis and coccyx relate to the TMJ?
How does the TMJ relate to the neck? TMJ
The anatomy of jaw opening and ramifications for TMJ problems TMJ
What happens when we open our mouth? TMJ
What is normal movement for the TMJ? TMJ
How does whiplash affect the TMJ? TMJ
How do TMJ problems affect the Cranial Nerves? TMJ
How does the TMJ affect other spinal nerve pathways? TMJ
The ramifications of inflammation in the TMJ? TMJ
Dental issues and the TMJ TMJ
Assessment of the TMJ TMJ
What to say when people want success assurance Practitioner Support
How to establish a good price for each client Practitioner Support
Confidentiality when mentioning other clients Practitioner Support
The pressure of Bowen moves Practitioner Support
Is it essential for clients to have their head to one side? (In a Bowen treatment) Practitioner Support
Why do we have to wait before we can learn all the moves? Practitioner Support
Do we explain a treatment plan to our clients? Practitioner Support
When the client wants to determine the course of the treatment Practitioner Support
Can we use clients' testimonials? Practitioner Support
Why is fascia important? Fascia Overview
What is fascia exactly? Fascia Overview
How does manual therapy affect fascia? Fascia Overview
What are fascial restrictions? Fascia Overview
What's happening in the fascia in conditions like Fibromyalgia?
Fascia Overview
Is fascia really fluid? Fascia Overview
What are the building blocks of fascia? Fascia Overview
Does fascia connect? Fascia Overview
How does posture affect fascia? Fascia Overview
How does manual therapy affect fascia? Fascia Overview
How does movement affect fascia? Fascia Overview
What are the different types of fascia?
Fascia Overview
Is there a definition of fascia? Fascia Overview
What is the history of fascia? Fascia Overview
What makes fascia stiffer? Fascia Overview
What are the basic principles of biotensgrity? Fascia Overview
Does fascia have a role in cancer?
Fascia Overview
What is the relationship between muscle and fascia? Fascia Overview
What is the relationship between fascia and tendons? Fascia Overview
What is Hypocapnia? Breath
How does hypocapnia effect us and how can we treat it? Breath
What is Hypoxia,hyperventilation and vasoconstriction?
How common is breathing pattern Disorder? Breath
What is hyperventilation and when does it occur? Breath
Breathing Dysfunction Explained by Leon Chaitow Breath
Pathophysiology of Breathing Dysfunction - Leon Chaitow Breath
BBreathing as the place to begin - Leon Chaitow
Nitric Oxide and Mouth Breathing
Breathing and IBS Breath
Typing Texting and Effects on Breathing Breath
Gender influences on HVS and BPD Breath
Breathing and our core
Direct link between breathing and muscle pain
Pelvic Pain and Breathing Pattern Disorders Breath
Breathing Assessment Leon Chaitow 1
BPD Treatment, How Can We retrain Breathing? Breath
Hyperventilation provocation Test Breath
Assessment of breathing wave and thoracic restrictions Breath
How Can We assess breathing function? Breath
What can we do to treat the core structures used in breathing? Breath
What can we do to treat the core structures used in breathing? Breath
How Can We retrain Breathing? - Part 2 Breath
Pursed Lip Breathing Breath
What can we do to treat the core structures used in breathing? Breath
How Can We inhibit over breathing or shoulder rise? Breath
Breathing First Aid
Six perspectives on the impact of prenatal experiences trauma/birth
Perception shapes the experience of trauma trauma/birth
Early imprints influence parenting trauma/birth
Environment and the pre- and perinatal periods trauma/birth
What is Neuroception? trauma/birth
Qualities of traumatic experiences trauma/birth
Question: how early does the sense of individuality starts trauma/birth
Vulnerable mothers-to-be trauma/birth
Traumatic experiences and dissociative reactions trauma/birth
Bodily memories of traumatic experience trauma/birth
Somatic dissociation trauma/birth
Impacts of prenatal maternal and traumatic stress trauma/birth
Violence against women trauma/birth
Women do not always share their experience with a practitioner trauma/birth
Loss and traumatic stress
Traumatic stress and bonding in the neonatal ICU trauma/birth
Prenates trauma/birth
Reproductive health experience and past trauma trauma/birth
Definition of Trauma trauma
What are primitive action patterns? trauma
The physiology of trauma trauma
What is the role of dissociation in trauma? trauma
Strategies for overcoming trauma trauma
What is the polyvagal theory? trauma
What is the polyvagal theory? trauma
Fear and the defense cascade trauma
Pain as a protection mechanism trauma
How can people find safety outside of the therapy session? trauma
The mechanism of shaking in TRE trauma
Resilience and post-traumatic growth trauma
Connection between traumatic impact and shakingtrauma
How do you release trauma with TRE exercises? trauma
Is shaking as a nervous response connected to trauma?
The mechanism of dissociation trauma
How to deal with shaking during Bowen trauma
Shaking and seizures trauma
Trauma shared during pregnancy trauma/birth
Pregnancy experiences of childhood abuse survivors trauma/birth
Trauma - a biopsychosocial phenomena trauma/birth
Developmental trauma - general definition trauma/birth
Emotions and trauma in the unborn trauma/birth
Identity oriented Psycho Trauma Theory trauma/birth
Symbiosis and autonomy trauma/birth
What traumatises us and what is traumatised? trauma/birth
Limbic resonance
Identity Trauma trauma/birth
Traumabiography is neurologically stored trauma/birth
The Intention Method trauma/birth
Neuroplasticity trauma/birth
Neuroscience and 'want' trauma/birth
How to react to clients' remarks on politcs, racism, sexism etc. Practitioner Support
Observation instead of not taking at the beginning of the session Practitioner Support
What is the ideal number of therapy sessions? Practitioner Support
Dis-ease and a lack of connection with the body and the environment Practitioner Support
What can we do when people do not respond to the treatment? Practitioner Support
Presence in the state of being Practitioner Support
Being in balance as main support to the client Practitioner Support
What if the practitioner sees a restriction unknown to the client? Practitioner Support
Stressed energy and attracting clients Practitioner Support
Basic premise of pre- and perinatal psychology Epigenetics
Impact of preconception/prenatal experience Epigenetics
What is the epigenome? Epigenetics
The dynamic epigenome Epigenetics
Primordial germ cells Epigenetics
Altering prenatal experiences
Toxic stress Epigenetics
The unborn baby communicates with the mother Epigenetics
C-section and DNA mythylation
Toxic stress Epigenetics
Importance of skin to skin Epigenetics
The Heart Brain Dynamic
Definition of epigenetics
Factors of epigenetic modulation
Epigenetic mechanisms - DNA methylation Epigenetics
Evironmental and psychosocial epigenetics Epigenetics
Epigenetic factor C-section Epigenetics
Economics as epigenetic factor Epigenetics
Psychosocial epigenetics - definition Epigenetics
Interpersonal epigenetics Epigenetics
Transgenerational epigenetics Epigenetics
Transgenerational transmission of trauma
Collective aspects of epigenetics
Intrapersoanal epigenetics
Placebo definition Placebo
Placebo terminology Placebo
Biopsychosocial approach Placebo
Phenomena around placebo Placebo
Objective results from placebo use Placebo
Enhancing meaning through stories
Nocebo Placebo
Conditioning Placebo
Suggestion and expectancy Placebo
Therapeutic encounter and placebo Placebo
What's the practitioner's goal in examining placebo? Placebo
The power of expectancy
Placebo treatment does not equal no treatment
Withdrawal symptoms Placebo
Placebos without deception Placebo
Motivation and Desire Placebo
Trust Placebo
Certainty Placebo
Listening Placebo
Adequate explanation of the pathology Placebo
Use of Ritual
Practitioner's persona Placebo
Accepting the mystery of healing Placebo
Reducing client's anxiety levels Placebo
Helping clients maximise their own healing response Placebo
Overview aspects of placebo
Breathing in Yoga Tai Chi and Pilates Breath
How do Prayer and mantras improve breathing and pain? Breath
Breath, Reality and Embodiment with Phlip Shepherd Breath
Is there a right way to breath? Breath
Breath and Authenticity - presentation mode vs presence Breath
Trust, in the healing relationship, presence and the breath Breath
Breathing into the back of the body Breath
How can we bring awareness to the legs? Breath
The Primary Wound of Our Culture Breath
Physical trauma Red Flags
Thoracic pain/neurological alterations Red Flags
Bladder or bowel dysfunction Red Flags
Age Red Flags
History of cancer Red Flags
Constitutional symptoms Red Flags
Constitutional symptoms Red Flags
Pain worse at night or when supine Red Flags
Red flag mnemonicRed Flags
What could red flags in acute back pain mean? Red Flags
Possible fracture Red Flags
Possible neurological deficit Red Flags
Four types of pain Red Flags
Dermatomes and myotomes Red Flags
Headache red flags Red Flags
Red flags in older people Red Flags
Orange Flags Red Flags
Case histories Red Flags
Can someone receive too much Bowen? Practitioner Support
Practice and money - What is abundance? Practitioner Support
Practice and money - Receiving
Practitioner Support
Practice and money - How do I receive? Practitioner Support
Advertising - what practitioners are allowed to say Practitioner Support
Starting a practice from home Practitioner Support
The tension compression code Biotensegrity and Fascia
The biotensegral code expressed as a fascial matrix Biotensegrity and Fascia
Connective tissue and adaptation
Biotensegrity and Fascia
SAID - Specific Adaptations to Imposed DemandsBiotensegrity and Fascia
Transferability Biotensegrity and Fascia
Fascia and Fluid Biotensegrity and Fascia
The body as self-assembled architecture Biotensegrity and Fascia
Continuity in differentiation Biotensegrity and Fascia
The body's internal anchors Biotensegrity and Fascia
Speed and Stillness Biotensegrity and Fascia
Recovery Biotensegrity and Fascia
Energy Expenditure EconomyBiotensegrity and Fascia
Speed and Stillness Biotensegrity and Fascia
'Soul scars' Bowen and Meridians
Hypertrophic scars Bowen and Meridians
Atrophic scars Bowen and Meridians
Hypertrophic scars Bowen and Meridians
Scar keloids Bowen and Meridians
Scar contracture Bowen and Meridians
Virtual scars Bowen and Meridians
Scars as interference fields Bowen and Meridians
The appendectomy scar Bowen and Meridians
Scars and inflammation/fatigue Bowen and Meridians
Scars from head surgery Bowen and Meridians
Meridians and their characteristics - liver Bowen and Meridians
Meridians and their characteristics - gallbladder Bowen and Meridians
Scars from head surgery Bowen and Meridians
The work of Howard Plummer Fascia Bowen
Stimulation of nerve pathways through the skin Fascia Bowen
Treating children, the elderly and the very sensitive Fascia Bowen
Effect of gentle Bowen moves on interoception and proprioception Fascia Bowen
Difference between Fascia Bowen move and traditional Bowen move Fascia Bowen
Fascial unwinding Fascia Bowen
Children's clinics Fascia Bowen
Session length with children Fascia Bowen
Research into Fascia Bowen Fascia Bowen
Fascia Bowen and breaks Fascia Bowen