Pascal Beaumart


Born on January 24, 1981 in Aachen, Germany, Pascal Beaumart developed an interest in Asian martial arts and healing methods as a child.

His interest, his own illness and that of his father, ending with an early death, brought him into contact with autogenic training, meditation, Reiki and various healing techniques even before the age of ten.

He began his Reiki education in 1993 and completed it as Reikimeister in 2004. Meanwhile, he studied and treated with a Philippine healer in Germany and in 1996 went to the Philippines to deepen his work in this area.

After graduating from high school, he traveled to different countries to get to know the origin of healing methods, such as Ayurveda, Thai massage, etc. on site. He completed his physiotherapy training in 2005 in Leipzig and in 2006, he was certified as a Thai massage teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with international recognition. Since then, he has been studying annually for several months (in Asia. Among his teachers / masters are:

Pichet Boonthume, Mantak Chia, Thomas Hübl, Chongkol Settakorn, Lek & Jack Chaya, Mama Nit, Om, Kun Ni, Aree, Arnoud LH’meritte, David Lutt, Gwynn Williams, many Sunshine Network teachings, such as Kaline Alayna Kelly, Takis – Krishna Taki Economoy, and more.

Since, Pascal has been deepening his knowledge in a variety of modalities which he applies in his Berlin clinic for holistic bodywork in individual sessions as well as pracitioner trainings.

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