Kelly Clancy

Bowen Technique

As a Structural Medicine Specialist, Bowenwork Practitioner, Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist, Kelly uses her skills as a manual therapist and ergonomist to address the postural components that contribute to pain and dysfunction. Through manual therapy, body awareness techniques, education on self-care, nutrition, movement, and exercise, Kelly focuses on the multifaceted, multilayered components that lead to greater health and wellness in her clients.

With a specific interest in the upper extremity, Kelly specializes in assessing and treating repetitive stress injuries, including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, proximal median nerve entrapment, tendonitis, lateral & medial epicondylitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. She teaches nationally and internationally on topics related to fascia, postural assessment, manual therapy and repetitive stress injuries.

Kelly Clancy OTR/L, CHT, RBI

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