Bruce Borland

“Like so many other Bowen therapists my enthusiasm for the technique was the result of receiving successful treatment for a chronic unresolved condition (in my case debilitating back and neck pain). I was so impressed that I resolved to learn the technique and qualified as a practitioner at the end of the 1990’s.

Experience with the technique over the intervening years has increased my respect for the work. I am continually amazed with the breadth and depth of this modality as it stimulates the healing process in a wide spectrum of patients with an equally diverse range of problems.

I enjoy teaching. During my career I have taught adults at all levels -further education courses, undergraduate and post graduates course and find it very rewarding and stimulating. With a modality like Bowen to teach the pleasure is doubled. I have been told that the quality of my teaching lies in an ability to give clear explanations and have fun.

I work in North East Lincolnshire. My wife Anne is also a Bowen practitioner and part of my week I spend working in her Bowen practice. The rest of the time I work as a veterinary surgeon in a local small animal practice where I use the Bowen technique routinely as part of my therapeutic armoury.”

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