Binnie A. Dansby

Binnie A Dansby is an inspiring teacher and a gifted counselor, healer, author, and philosopher. She is the creator of a personal and professional development system, SOURCE Process and Breathwork, which she has taught in 3-year, self-development trainings in England, Germany, Denmark and Estonia for over 30 years. Binnie is known worldwide for her empowering work in the area of ecstatic birth and ecstatic life, enquiry based on how the impact of birth and original intimacy affects our life and relationships. Binnie’s work is included in the book Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Introduction. T.Verny MD: 1983) and she has been profoundly inspired by the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles, Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings of Master Omraam Mikael Aivanhov. Binnie is the co-author of ‘The Creation Code – Revealing and Healing the Impact of Your Source Experience’.

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