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Dr Andrew Tresidder MBBS MRCGP Cert Med Ed (Bristol) is a Somerset GP and Educator. He works in the NHS and Health Care throughout Somerset, and has a particular interest in Health and the factors that influence it, both physical, nutritional, psychological and emotional, as well as Physician Health and Complementary Medicine. He also works for NHS Somerset (formerly Somerset PCT) and for the University of Bristol Medical School. So far he has written two books on emotional wellbeing. He recognises the important historical benefits of all technologies, and also that pollution can result, distorting healthy patterns in nature. Electromagnetic pollution is a vitally important factor for the health of many, and contributes to illness.

He is one of many doctors who believe that patient empowerment is the key to better health in the community.

He also assists organizations to develop emotional health strategies to enhance corporate and individual wellbeing.

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