Alexia Monroe

Bowen Technique


Alexia Monroe BA, LMT, offers Bowenwork sessions through her private practice in Prescott, AZ in the USA.

She has been involved in holistic health for over almost 50 years. In her teens, she became involved in yoga, meditation, and healthful eating. But after contracting a crippling arthritis at age 25, she discovered that she had to add to her knowledge considerably to address the condition. Nothing that she knew was working. She spent the next 7 years focused on exploring many, many avenues of healing, and finally stumbled her way into becoming symptom-free.

Then in her 30s, she developed severe carpal tunnel syndrome (from doing deep-tissue massage) and chronic fatigue syndrome (after traveling for 3 years in Asia). She had to explore the healing process deeply again, as none of the “obvious approaches” were working. By listening to her body as a teacher, she finally recovered from both conditions in her early 40s. This time, Bowen Therapy contributed to the process.

Alexia is experienced in a wide range of healing modalities. However, since learning Bowenwork from Ossie and Elaine in 1993, she has practiced nothing else. She says, “I devote myself exclusively to Bowenwork because I have not found its equal in any other therapy”.

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