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Dr Adriana Candeias is the founder of Applied Sustainable Health (ASH), a therapeutic platform to support clients achieving and maintaining natural wellbeing. Following her exceptional success when applying tools such as advanced nutrition and energetic medicine to a vast range of chronic conditions, Adriana developed her unique coaching approach which integrates the most recent findings in human science, the ancient medicinal paradigms and anthropological interpretations of traditional societies. She merges her deep comprehension of biological-emotional processes and her client’s modern life style needs.

After years dedicated to Academic research in the fields of biology & physiology, yearning for more human connection and seeing the practical applications of her research, Adriana left the labs & computing and trained as a therapist at the College of Practical of Homeopathy (CPH, London). She found Applied Homeopathy as her clinical approach combining ancient and modern natural therapies to support patients with a wide diversity of conditions.

Throughout a decade of practise she specialised in Primal Health, Gut and Psychological / Physiological Syndromes (GAPS TM), and Oxytocin-related metabolisms. She has gradually incorporated coaching techniques which confirm the link between the mind and the immune response and has created the Sustainable Empowering Transformations programme (SET), coaching clients holistically during the most important transition phases of life.

Nowadays, Adriana is a highly sought after holistic therapist and coach for her insightful and research-based knowledge, intuition and creativity in guiding her clients transforming processes.

Following her passion for teaching, Adriana became an affiliated tutor at The College of Practical Homeopathy (London), where she also developed “Research Methods for Modern Health Consultants”. Besides being a supervisor, she regularly presents CPD seminars to health professionals and offers workshops for the general public on a vast range of themes, normally combining several aspects of our fundamental wellbeing, such as nutrition, personal development and relationships.”

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