Are you a mother or parent? Are you a therapist?

Do you want to know how support a mother and baby after birth?

Hear from these world-renowned experts:

  • Anna Verwaal talking about the importance of being aware and conscious during conception and pregnancy
  • Michel Odent discussing the long-term ramifications of how we are born
  • Dr Niall Galloway, Matthew Appleton and John Wilks looking at the dynamics of birth from both the mum’s and baby’s perspective
  • Dr Carolyn Goh talking about the importance of the microbiome, the baby’s developing immune system, and how we can support that.

Postnatal Care Course Bundle

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Watch excerpts from courses below

Postnatal Pelvic Floor Exercises

Lina Clerke

Helping babies and families after a difficult birth

Myrna Martin

Attachment, Brains and Babies

Graham Kennedy

Working with Distressed Babies

Thomas Harms

Understanding Pelvic Floor Issues

Ellen Heed and Kimberley Johnson