Are you a mother or parent? Are you a therapist?

Do you want to know how support a mother during pregnancy and birth and achieve the optimal situation for a positive birth experience for mum and baby?

Hear from these world-renowned experts:

  • Anna Verwaal talking about the importance of being aware and conscious during conception and pregnancy
  • Michel Odent discussing the long-term ramifications of how we are born
  • Dr Niall Galloway, Matthew Appleton and John Wilks looking at the dynamics of birth from both the mum’s and baby’s perspective
  • Dr Carolyn Goh talking about the importance of the microbiome, the baby’s developing immune system, and how we can support that.

Pregnancy and Birth Course Bundle

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Watch excerpts from courses below

From Womb to World

Anna Verwaal

Consequences of how we are born

Michel Odent

The Living Gut

Carolyn Goh

Birth from the Baby’s Perspective

Matthew Appleton

The Anatomy of Birth

Niall Galloway

Birth dynamics from the baby’s point of view

John Wilks