Mentoring for Manual Therapists – with Liz Stewart

Liz Stewart is a practitioner and teacher of Structural Integration whose practice and experience have led to an awareness of the need for professional support.

Most practitioners are unaware of the role or benefits of working with someone who provides support in terms of objective feedback about how we relate to our clients and how unconscious patterns can get in the way of our effectiveness as practitioners.

The mentoring (or supervision) for practitioners that Liz offers, deals with transference issues, our needs as therapists to want to ‘make it better’ for our clients, and the way we communicate with them and relate to our peers. It offers compassionate support and help when we are triggered or upset by our client’s pain r expectations of blame, thus enabling us to become more empowered as practitioners

Watch Liz’s series of short introductory videos

These were originally broadcast on Facebook and will be ongoing on Thursdays at 19h UK time in our Facebook Community Group
Please feel free to join and ask Liz your questions.