Helen Habershon – composer of the eHealth theme tune

Helen Habershon is deeply influenced and inspired by nature and this can be easily recognised in much of her music. Many people have written to Helen telling her of how they listen to her music every day finding it so healing and helping  them to find peace within themselves in their often stressful lives.

Both her albums were taken up by Classic FM on release,  a testament to the talent and popularity of this composer!
‘Found in the Rain,’ which she recorded with world class pianist John Lenehan and herself playing clarinet on a few numbers, was made ‘Album of the month’
Cl FM wrote:
‘…this is music that’s new to us, and which we think you will enjoy. This is calm reflective and pastoral music, which we will be featuring regularly on Smooth and Relaxing Classics’.
Her second album ‘Found in the Sunlight’ (John and Helen are joined by the legendary playing of Alexander Baillie on ‘cello)  was released in April 2014, and once again, Classic FM made it their ‘Featured Album of the Week.’
Helen’s music is played world wide and enjoys  much success in the U.S where it has been played on WYNC radio in New York and over the past 6 years on KDFC in San Francisco.
Helen has two more CD’s ready to record and her first orchestral pieces are to be recorded later in the year which she is very excited about.
Helen lives in Somerset with her family, and draws her inspiration from the sea, the moors and the countryside of South West England.

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