The Myths, the Mystery and the Truth
about Fascia and Biotensegrity in Practice

Three module LIVE COURSE with Joanne Avison and John Sharkey

September – October – November 2019


Essential Background

  • What are the myths about Fascia that we inherited from Classical notions about the human body?
  • What is the essential difference between the classical and contemporary views of anatomy from the perspective of fascia and why does this matter for our practice?
  • How do Biotensegrity and Fascia offer the bridge between the past and the present?


What is the Code?

  • What is the common denominator of physical form and performance?
  • How do Biotensegrity and Fascia form the foundational “mystery code” behind human shape, form and function?
  • How can we apply this knowledge to our practice in straightforward and accessible terms?


Why will it make such a Difference to your Practice?

  • How does an understanding of Fasciategrity reveal the code for more appropriate movement in any form of practice (be it manual or movement therapy based) thus enabling our clients move more freely?

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