How To Use

We use Adobe Connect for our eHealth Talks and book launches as we feel it gives the best all round performance, with the ability to show powerpoint, video, and virtual whiteboards.

To join an eHealth Talk or book launch you just need a decent internet connection (ideally broadband, as using a dial-up modem won’t give you a great experience).  The system we use is a browser interface and works on pretty much every platform, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones etc.

For those of you accessing the live eHealth Talks with iPads or iPhones you will need to download the latest version of the free Adobe Connect app from the App Store. See here for details: You can view the eHealth Talk recordings via the Puffin browser which you can download from here This has built in flash player so all you have to do is put in the recording URL and away you go.

For Android devices you may need to download

It is a good idea shut down any other programs that might be running on your computer, as it can slow down the video and audio. Also please make sure your sound is turned on and up!

You can test your connection and have a look at the recording that goes through some of the features of how eHealth Talks work by following the links below. You won’t need a microphone or a webcam as you can ask questions via the instant messaging facility on your screen. John will go through the facilities before the start (like how to adjust the sound, download the handouts and ask questions) so please be ready to start promptly 15 minutes before the eHealth Talk begins. It is very important that when you log in as a guest you put in both your first name and your surname.

To test your connection please click here first

Here is a short introduction to how eHealth Talks work so please have a look at this before you join a Talk so you can familiarise yourself with the platform

If you have any problems logging in on the day please phone +44 1963 220845 or +44 7866 764 960.