Frequently Asked Questions

eHealth Talks are live, video streamed talks/webinars by our teachers and authors. They relate to the topics we’re passionate about at eHealth, and to other subjects we feel will interest our global community, and support our fellow practitioners in developing their skill-sets and expanding their practices.

All our Talks are recorded and available to watch later whenever you want.

Our live Talks are designed so you can join them with a click of a mouse using your normal browser that you use to view the web.

Yes, but to watch the live ones you may have to download the adobe connect app from the app store.  This is free to do.  You won’t need to do this to watch eHealth Talks that have already been recorded.

If you take the monthly option you can unsubscribe at any time.  If you need help then just email us

Yes!  Tell all your friends and colleagues.  Put it around facebook, twitter, instagram or whatever social media you use.  Or just talk to your friends about it!  We are always open to suggestions about how to improve what we do so please get in touch if you have anything you want to offer.

Yes!  We always offer live telephone support during the live webinars and office hours support the rest of the time.  We are practitioners ourselves so we know how important good communication is!

We rely on a a large subscription base.  Without your support we couldn’t do what we do, so please encourage others to join so we can expand and offer even more value for money!

Yes!  You can subscribe to our mailing list here below and also follow us on twitter and facebook.

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