Why the Wheel? – Consent in Touch Therapy

with Katie Sarra and Julian Treble


Following on from the recent webinars with Katie Sarra about the Emotional Command Systems and Kian de la Cour about the Polyvagal Theory, we have invited Katie again. She joins Julian Treble in a presentation about the role of consent in touch therapy.

Integrating the Wheel of Consent as developed by Dr. Betty Martin increases the neural connections of safety which, in turn, leads to relaxation, receptivity and availability to learn and receive the treatments we as practitioners are offering. This is especially useful when working with people who need our treatment but are afraid or for people who have experienced treatments without receiving any benefits for themselves.

From the combined perspectives of The Emotional Command Systems, Polyvagal Theory and the Wheel of Consent, Katie and Julian explain how insights into the dynamics of giving and receiving touch can revolutionise your practice and bring about transformative change both for you as a practitioner and human being as well as the support your client receives.

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