Viva Las Vagus Nerve

Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk Live:

Viva Las Vagus Nerve - Why Bowenworkers Get on and Off People’s Nerves! with Sandra Gustafson

Emerging discoveries in bioelectric medicine may inform us about how and why the Vagus nerve affects much more than the organs it directly connects to. Sandra Gustafson will discuss bioelectric innovations as non-pharmaceutical treatments for chronic inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, and insights on why Bowenwork and the Vagus Nerve Procedure may be helpful for many diverse systemic health conditions. She will examine how Bowenwork procedures affect vagal tone and autonomic nervous system (ANS) innervation.

Bioelectric medical research indicates that direct stimulation of the Vagus nerve may be beneficial for: acute lung injury, arthritis, brain injury, burns, cerebral haemorrhage, colitis, diabetes, haemorrhagic shock, pancreatitis, post-operative ileus, rheumatoid arthritis and sepsis – many conditions that Vagus Procedure is indicated for, and reported to have positive effects on. In this Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk, Sandra explores some neuroendocrine mechanisms involving the Vagus nerve, and how Bowenwork may affect them.

Additionally, Sandra will consider compelling research into the effect of pause periods between Bowenwork moves, and why ‘hands-off’ wait periods are essential in facilitating Bowenwork ‘to work.’

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