The Three Functions of Potency

An exploration into the organisational, protective and healing functions of the primordial life force Dr Sutherland called potency, and how it impacts craniosacral therapy training and practice.

Cranial osteopathy pioneer Dr Sutherland wrote of an energetic transmutation, or change in state, from primary respiration as Tide or Long Tide, into the fluids of the body, which generates an embodied life force that he called "potency." This is similar to the understanding in Chinese practice of "jing" or vital essence in the fluids of the body.

Potency has three basic functions: organisational, protective and healing. In this Craniosacral Therapy Training eHealth Talk we will orient and discuss these functions as they apply to craniosacral therapy, and manifest in craniosacral session work. We will review the nature of arising healing processes, and the how the various functions of potency manifest for the craniosacral practitioner; we’ll also look at Dr Rollin Becker’s three healing stages in terms of shifts in these functions.

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Franklyn Sills
Franklyn Sills

Craniosacral Therapy

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