The Extended Mind

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is well known worldwide for his theory of morphic fields. We are excited to welcome him to the Embodied Health Community for a presentation on the evidence and possibilities of mind beyond the brain.

In this live stream, Dr. Sheldrake discusses the relevance of the mind to the sense of being stared at (on which he has written and lectured extensively) with its wide implications for the nature of vision and our understanding of the brain. Telepathic communication, which is considered an extension of biology rather than a paranormal phenomenon by Dr. Sheldrake, is another topic which is part of this presentation and help to explain the way that therapists are often able to pick up information from clients without them talking about it.

An area of current research into the connection of mind and body conducted by Dr. Sheldrake is phantom limbs and phantom limb pain. He introduces us to the latest work in this field and present some simple experiments that practitioners can use to do some research themselves.

Links provided by Dr.  Sheldrake:

A dog that knows when his owner is coming home

Telephone telepathy

Website Dr Sheldrake

Phantom limb experiment


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