The Embodied Practitioner

The Embodied Practitioner with Philip Shepherd

"In this webinar, Philip Shepherd explores issues that enable practitioners to drop into the thriving intelligence of the body, and facilitate its attunement to the present.  This is a primary skill of care-giving: to be fully present to the client.  It is also a means of deeply informing a practitioner and guiding them in the work they do."

Most of our problems, individually and globally, stem from a single root cause: we have created a culture of disconnection.  Philip Shepherd has devoted his life to understanding how that happened, how it impacts our personal lives, and how we can ‘reconnect’ with the world that sustains us. The story of our disconnection goes back ten thousand years, when we began to withdraw our intelligence from the attuned awareness of the body and contract it into the head.  This gave us new powers of perspective, analysis and control.  But what initially empowered us now holds us hostage: we yearn to join the present, but cannot calm our busy, anxious, self-occupied, distracted need to control. In this presentation, Philip offers new insights and choices that help us move towards the kind of wholeness in our lives that is rooted in the deep calm of the body, and is open to the harmony and support of the world around us. 

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