The Dreaming Body – How Our Bodies Dream

with Marion Bott


Our body not only tells us when it is tired, when it is aroused, when it is hungry, but it also tells us when it is ready to awaken to spirit.


This webinar explores the different expressions of a dreaming body, and how to use the bodies messages to experience a deep connection to our soul, spirit, higher self.


When practicing active dreaming, the body is the essential tool we have to grow our capacity in experiencing, feeling, expanding and materializing the effects of our dreams. This enables us to heal our illnesses, understand the way our body flows, and create a direct link between our desires and the way our body responds to these desires.


We also hear about the different ways in which the body responds to our dreams at night (sleepwalking, sleep paralysis) etc... and how this can give us a better understanding of how we feel in our body during the day.

1. How to use dreaming to cure physical illnesses
2. How to use dreaming to spiritually awaken
3. How to use dreaming to manifest a new life
4. How to understand your physical reactions at night as a mirror for your feelings during the day
5. How to use dreaming to empower your physical experience on earth


To find out more about Marion Bott's practices,click on the link below: dreamcoaching

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