Stories of the Body

The Neutral Mask in Craniosacral Therapy and Structural Integration

with Vicky Wright


“What is not expressed is impressed” – C G Jung


The body has an ability to hold tissue memory of past events, experiences and habitual patterning on an emotional and physical level. These experiences can re-surface during therapeutic sessions as part of a physical release, emotion or shift in the relational field between client and practitioner within the healing process.


Searching outside of the box, physical therapist Vicky Wright discovered a practice within theatre which echoes this process of awareness and transformation. Developed by Jacques Lecoq (a famous theatre pedagog) and Amleto Sartori (a mask-maker), the Neutral Mask was created in the 1960s, as a mask to show all emotions. When worn, it cuts off information from the face and, as if by illusion, the peripheral information from the body projects on the mask.


In this webinar, Vicky shares the interdisciplinary insights gained between these theatre practices and her therapeutic background in Craniosacral Therapy & Structural Integration. She uses this tool to look at the role that breath, posture, weight, and awareness has on our subjective experience and the story our body tells.


“There are three masks: The one we think we are, the one we really are, and the one we have in common” – Jacques Lecoq

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