Stalking Wild Psoas

Why Psoas is not the Problem but the Messenger

 with Liz Koch


Recognising wild psoas as an eco-messenger, not only for surviving but also for thriving, entails a collaboration with an ever fluctuating process of expression deep within our own core. To hear and interpret psoas messages we begin by changing the language of the body.


The cultural paradigm refers to psoas as the culprit to be fixed, while living-systems speak of the psoas as a messenger signalling core integrity. Biomechanical protocols for “psoas dysfunction” include stretching, trigger-pointing, and surgical slashing. Biologically intelligent protocols necessitate the enhancement of somatic awareness, development of proprioception, elimination of overuse and abuse, as well as restoration and rejuvenation to encourage higher levels of organisation.


Although western culture defines “wild” as feral, out of control, and impractical,  it is by welcoming the wild that we avoid living an indifferent and unenthusiastic life. Rewilding psoas not only changes the course of our health but the creative expression of our soul.

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