Our Service and Pleasure Neurobiology

with Katie Sarra


Katie Sarra shows us the neurobiology of service as a human and as a practitioner and how we are fundamentally wired to serve Life and connect to others. Polyvegal theory and the Emotional Command Systems show us among other findings how the pleasure derived from service is a driver for us. The Wheel of Consent represents a powerful tool for arriving in our body with autonomy and the skills of self awareness to fully embody and communicate our needs, wants and desires. It also provides a container for practitioners to hold space for other individuals or groups to do the same and together move into choice based agreements or action.


This webinar explores:


  • The serve quadrant of the wheel of consent and its shadows
  • The importance of taking and resourcing ourselves as practitioners
  • Why taking is so taboo
  • Ways in which the wheel of consent can help us and our clients through shame around pleasure

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