Seeing and Saying

A Craniosacral Therapy Training eHealth Talk with Hugh Milnes on Seeing and Saying - Deep Insights on Dr. Still's Visionary Approach

You might say that he (Still) was like the X-ray: He could look right through you and see things, and tell you things, without putting his hands upon the body. I have seen him do that! Time and time again. When some of the early teachers had a clinic up before class, hunting for the lesion, in would come the old Doctor from the rear, “Here’s your lesion.” How did he do it?

William Garner Sutherland, Contributions to Thought p. 291


I asked Rollin Becker how William Sutherland had taught him. “Three months,” Becker replied. “The first month, anatomy, anatomy, only anatomy. The second month, we stood apart from the patient, and looked. Then Sutherland walked in and touched the patient, and I placed my hands on his. In the third month, we stood back, and I had to see where to place my hands, and Sutherland put his hands over mine."


Perception interests me. How could Dr Still see “like the X-ray”? How can we develop it in craniosacral therapy training and practice? What is it good for, and what is it not good for?

These are the questions explored in this Craniosacral Therapy Training eHealth Talk.

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