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aehRegular movement is essential for a healthy life, without which we may experience stress and tiredness. As most of us now spend more time sat behind computers in one position for long periods, here is a series of movements to alleviate the strain and stiffness often experienced. Helping to reduce muscular tension, improving posture, circulation and tissue health, this video can be enjoyed by all. Seated Yoga For Life is also highly beneficial for individuals in wheelchairs and those rehabilitating after injuries or illness.

This video is simple to follow, easily accessible and requires nothing more than a standard chair. The routine you will learn here consists of 20 gentle flowing postures that will leave you open and relaxed. The video has an easy to follow format with in-depth instruction, a flowing run-through for those more familiar with the series, and a gentle version with further modifications available for those with less mobility. Also included is a short seated meditation for those wanting to experience deep stillness after opening and aligning their body. Seated Yoga For Life harmonises yoga movement, tai chi energy work and breathing techniques to deeply calm and energise. It is being successfully used within stroke rehabilitation, with wheelchair users and the elderly. View A Sample Here and watch the trailer introduction from Graeme below.

"It is beautiful to see that these simple and practical approaches when put into practice, even after just one session, bring about a deeper awareness of inner peace and self acceptance." Read independent review here.

Seated Yoga For Life - An Introduction has already received international recognition and sales from yoga shops, universities, individual practitioners and students. Some of the groups and associations Graeme has taught this work to are; the charity Mind, Parkinson’s Disease Society the Stroke Association. The benefit and response has been fantastic! Graeme is regularly asked to deliver these trainings to other yoga teachers and movement professionals.

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