Receptors In Fascia

An introduction to fascia, the receptors it contains, and its intrinsic role in manual therapy training and practice

This fascial training eHealth Talk introduces the magic behind how Bowen and other light-touch manual therapies may work. John Wilks shares with us the knowledge and science that is gaining ground in the understanding about fascia and the receptors it contains, and its impact on manual therapy training and practice. Crucial to any manual therapist in the 21st-century is a working understanding of fascia and fascial training, as it is globally continuous through our human form and is therefore influenced by and influencing the outcome of any bodywork session. This eHealth Talk, in conjunction with our others on fascia training and biotensegrity, goes a long way to share with you the latest knowledge from some of the top experts in the bodywork and scientific community.


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Meet Our Course Teacher

John Wilks
John Wilks

Bowen Technique & Craniosacral Therapy

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