Preconception and Prenatal Traumatic Stress

Preconception and Prenatal Traumatic Stress and the influence of  Transgenerational Factors

With  Dr. Ann D. Weinstein

How can we support mothers before, during and after pregnancy? In this webinar, Ann Weinstein, author of Prenatal Development and Parents’ Lived Experiences will talk about how past trauma impacts prospective and new parents’ experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting, and what are the potential consequences for their developing babies.

Supporting mothers during this crucial time is not as simple as giving relaxation techniques; understanding their trauma imprints is essential for offering appropriate treatment and support.

There is very little research on the modalities that may safely help pregnant trauma survivors cope with their experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting and much of the research on meditation, coherent breathing, relaxation and yoga does not explore traumatic stress specifically.

It is important for therapists not to make assumptions about what might help a particular trauma survivor, to proceed slowly and carefully and to be present and attuned to their response.

In this talk, Ann outlines some of these challenges and talks about ways of working safely.

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