Neurovascular Release for the Psoas

Neurovascular Release: A gentle Approach to Effective Psoas Work

with Kirstin Schumaker


Bodyworkers of all kinds revere the function of the psoas, and we know that releasing this muscle can be key for addressing low back discomfort and structural balance issues. However, it takes skill and finesse, and a good understanding of the anatomy in the region, in order to successfully release the psoas and its partner iliacus. It is so rewarding to be able to relieve someone’s back pain that is caused by psoas tension or imbalance, and it can be frustrating when the body just “doesn’t let you in.”


Kirstin Schumaker, whom we know from the presentation about the internal thoracic artery,will this time apply her approach of 'Neurovascular Release for Structural and Functional Balance' to the psoas region, offering two vascular release techniques that will enhance your current skill set for working with the psoas. Using the clients body positioning and your hands to adjust the amount of slack vs tension in the artery network is the "magic trick" that will let you in more easily and also provide lasting change.


During this webinar, Kirstin presents two short technique videos, some pre-drawn whiteboard illustrations, and an illustration of the artery network that is free to publish under creative commons license. As a supplement to these images, you may want to preview in your Netter or Thieme atlas a more accurate rendition of the artery network within the lower body, or have your anatomy atlas ready near your computer before the webinar begins. (Find a schematic view, from the descending aorta down into the lower leg.)


If you you have additional prep time, locate a few balloons, not blown up, that are advertised to be 20-30 cm diameter when inflated. With these, you will be able do a palpation experiment simultaneously with Kirstin while she demonstrates on screen.

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