Myofascial Testing 1

Myofascial Testing Part 1 - Tensegrity Medicine 1 with Kelly Clancy

If you have taken the in person training in Myofascial Testing / Tensegrity Medicine Level 1 this video course is for you. You will need to contact Kelly direct for the PW to access the content to confirm past attendance.

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This video course is based on the Tensegrity and the Fascial Lines Postural Assessment course 1, 2, & 3 series. Use the clearly outlined myofascial videos as a way to enhance your assessment skills that you have gained from these courses. Refine your testing capabilities by reviewing the testing positions, angles and range of motion norms for each fascial line. Use the supplemental handout as a way to quick search and display commonly used testing positions.

Tensegrity and the Fascial Lines 1 includes the following tests:

• Pectoralis major (3 heads)

• Latissimus Dorsi

• Gluteus Maximus (2 fibre directions)

• Gastrocnemius

• Hamstrings

• Erector spine

• Rectus Abdominus

• Thomas Test for general hip flexors

Total Runtime: 18 min

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Kelly Clancy
Kelly Clancy

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