My Mobile Modality Bowen Specific Software

My Mobile Modality Bowen Specific Software with Lorna Mair

A Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk on My Mobile Modality - Bowen Therapy paperless business management software, designed by and for Bowen Therapists

My Mobile Modality is designed to allow you to spend more quality time building your Bowen Therapy business - or simply give you more down time - with less of your day wasted on paperwork and administration tasks.

The system will allow you to run a Bowen Therapy practice wherever you have an Internet connection - whether at home, your clinic, or even on the move using a mobile Internet connection. Wherever you practice from, this software ensures you no longer need to generate and store paper records.





Key Features:

  • Calendar with automated email and text reminders to your clients
  • Automated client intake form, sent to your client and saved automatically to your records
  • Multiple users - owner and 3 others (additional users cannot access accounts and other, owner specific, sensitive data)
  • Electronic, easy access appointment records
  • Integrated ROM assessments attached to each appointment
  • Inventory/stock control
  • Accounts package integrated with the inventory and client transactions.
  • Bowen specific Forum
  • Study Material for ongoing Bowen Therapy Training
  • Document library

Plus 20% of the profits from the software are donated to Bowen Therapy Research. 

When it comes to business, nobody really ‘wants’ software, what they really want is and easier life, save time, streamline processes, and spend more time doing what they are passionate about, rather than mundane administration tasks. Being a small business or even a sole trader, as many practitioners are, the luxury of employing someone to carry out these duties is one that is not available to many, however My Mobile Modality has developed a system to do just that, A system that has been developed to save the therapist time, but also one that will give back to Bowen by funding official clinical research into the technique.

Leaving only minimal administration duties that require human intervention, we have developed a Bowen Specific Software, which has the ability to turn your clinic paperless, resulting in less human error and according to user feedback, saves around 10 mins time per appointment.

Key features include the introduction of our online client intake form, a feature which clients enjoy as much as practitioners, as they see from their initial enquiry how detailed you will look into their health, and assist in finding the best possible outcome. An interactive accounts package, updates automatically when sales are made for treatments of products from your inventory of products. 

When it comes to record keeping, each appointment record has the option to attach on ROM assessments and other noted areas and or conditions the therapist finds relevant, my clients love to see this and how the are progressing, they have even started calling him "Michael" too. Procedure prompts are on hand for those who need it, along with suggested procedures to try if the most obvious are not producing the expected outcome. These are listed through to SPB2 level. 

Costing less that an average Bowen Therapy session, the Bowen Management System is all you need to run your clinic, removing the need to purchase or subscribe to numerous packages. 


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