Movement – Your Child’s First Language

with Sally Goddard Blythe


Parents today are facing demands and stresses at all levels of the social spectrum that can easily lead to a lack of parental conversation, physical involvement and engagement with their children in the early years. All too easily, technology becomes a substitute for parental engagement.

Sally Goddard Blythe, consultant in neuro-developmental education, challenges our mainstream assumptions about early development and learning with a rich distillation of perennial wisdom and cutting-edge science. In her book "Movement, Your Child’s First Language" , Sally explains why movement matters for brain development, attention, co-ordination and balance and describes the neonatal reflexes and how healthy early years movement transforms such reflexes.

We are pleased to welcome Sally in a live talk on her book on Tuesday, September 18th. Find out why movement and music are essential for healthy brain development and how children learn with their bodies. There will be ample opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Watch Full Book Launch:

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