Mickel Therapy

with Susan Murray


Mickel Therapy is a talking based treatment, developed in 1999 by medical doctor Dr David Mickel which is used for M.E./CFS, Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.


The therapy is based on the hypothesis that the hypothalamus gland in the brain - which regulates the entire in the body - can become overactive creating a wide range of symptoms.

The theory is that this happens as a result of accidentally ignoring emotions which can lead the emotional brain to enlist the help of the hypothalamus to get our attention by sending us symptoms; it is the emotional brain's way of shouting louder at us to evoke a reaction.​


Mickel Therapy gives people the guidance and tools to effectively listen to their body, translate symptoms back into emotions and take appropriate action. When we do this, the need for symptoms and, therefore the symptoms themselves, should diminish.


Susan Murray is a fully qualified Mickel Therapist and gives us an introduction to this transformative approach.


Note from eHealth Learning: Please note that there are many theories and treatment approaches that might be useful for CFS/ME and other conditions. As we well as webinars we have done in the past on this subject we at eHealth intend to be presenting a variety of different approaches that examine these complex conditions over the coming months.

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