Making Sense of Learning Anatomy and Physiology

with Jane Langston and Earle Abrahamson


Learning anatomy and physiology can be tough. Long foreign sounding words that can barely be pronounced, let alone remembered. Unimaginable physiological processes that remembered for the length of the course, and forgotten immediately after the examination. Sound familiar? How can learners make sense of the jumble of terminology and facts? And what study skills can be used specifically for learning anatomy and physiology?

In this webinar, Earle Abrahamson and Jane Langston present their latest book “Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology”. Together they share insights into how to make learning anatomy and physiology more accessible to learners, more user-friendly and enjoyable. From analogies, metaphors and examples, to useful resources and activities, they will offer hints and tips of how to structure anatomical studies, and how to revise and ensure success in examinations.

Authors Earle Abrahamson and Jane Langston have worked extensively in the field of soft tissue therapies and recognise that experiential learning is the best way to learn and remember. Earle’s background as a university lecturer, and Jane’s background as a biomedical scientist, have allowed them to explore teaching and learning methods which are effective, memorable and above all fun! Learning doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be enjoyable too!

“Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology” published by Lotus Publishing, and “Making Sense of Human Anatomy and Physiology – A Learner Friendly Approach” published by North Atlantic Books, was awarded Runner Up in Star Product category in Holistic Therapist Business Awards 2017 for its ground breaking and game changing attitude to teaching and learning Anatomy and Physiology. A worthy read for all students, lifelong learners and teachers of A&P.

Background photo by Nino Liverani on Unsplash

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