International Bowen Conference 2008

The 6th International Therapy Conference filmed in Winchester, October 25th & 26th 2008

It is not often that such eminent pioneers at the cutting edge of holistic healthcare are brought together under a single roof to share their ideas.

The conference being held in Winchester on the 25th & 26th October will focus on the Bowen Technique, one of the most exciting light-touch therapies available. This will be the sixth conference of its kind (previous conferences have been held in Salzburg, Yale, Melbourne, and Boulder Colorado). As in previous years, its purpose will be to facilitate debate and provide the opportunity for therapists to widen their exposure to new and established approaches to healthcare.

This year’s line-up includes Dr Nader Butto from Israel, speaking for the first time in the UK. Dr Butto’s groundbreaking work has attracted much interest in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and his native Israel, where he is a practising cardiologist. Over the past few years, Dr. Butto has been giving lectures on his method “Unified Integrative Medicine” as well as practical workshops to psychologists, physicians, and therapists. Dr Butto spends his time both as a conventional physician specializing in invasive cardiology on the one hand, and biodynamic-energetic and clinical therapy on the other.

The conference is also proud to feature Dr James Oschman, author of the ground-breaking books Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. Jim is unusual in the world of ‘alternative’ medicine in that as well as being a biologist, physicist, and researcher he is also a world authority on energy and complementary medicine. His work has opened a bridge between conventional and orthodox traditions, and encouraged constructive debate about the role of energetics in healthcare.

The conferences have a tradition of featuring people who have made outstanding contributions to our understanding of the therapeutic process. One of these is Michel Odent, who has been influencing the history of childbirth and health research for several decades. Odent is best known as the obstetrician who introduced the concept of birthing pools and home-like birthing rooms. His approach has been featured in eminent medical journals such as The Lancet, and in TV documentaries such as the BBC film Birth Reborn. After his hospital career he practised homebirths. Odent's 21st-century books (The Scientification of Love, The Farmer and the Obstetrician and The Caesarean) may be regarded as a trilogy. They raise urgent questions about the nature not only of childbirth, but of healthcare in general.

The study of the relationship between posture and bite has been found to be crucial in the understanding of long-standing postural issues. Malcolm Levinkind is an eloquent speaker on the subject and is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Eastman Institute for Dental Surgery. He has undertaken training in osteopathy and chiropractic techniques, and works with complementary as well as conventionally trained clinicians to manage patients who require a multi-disciplinary approach to their treatment.

Another crucial area of the body often overlooked and misunderstood by therapists involves the key function of the iliopsoas muscles. Liz Koch from the USA is a highly regarded expert on the subject, and will be giving a lecture and post-conference workshop.

Other speakers include teachers and practitioners of the Bowen Technique from around the world. The conference is open to all and is supported by the Bowen Association of the UK, Bowen Training UK, and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Videos From The Programme - Full Program Will be Available Soon

Saturday 25th October

James Oschman - ‘Energetic and Therapeutic Aspects of Connective Tissues’

Janey Lee Grace - ‘Imperfectly Natural – reduce the chemicals in your life and compliment the amazing effects of Bowen’

Nickatie Tucker and Sahajo Southey – EMRT & CCMRT ‘An introduction to Equine Muscle Release Therapy’

Don Warren - Bowen in East Africa & The Rwanda Selenium Project’

Rick Minnery - ‘Bowen and getting the baby in the best position to be born’

- Sunday 26th October

Bruce Borland - 'Sense and Sensibility - contemplating small animal work’

Louise Tremblay - ‘The link between the fasciae of the thoracic and abdominal deep front line and the Bowen procedures’

Alastair Rattray - ‘Asthma and Respiratory Disease – Bowen is much more than ‘just a treatment’

Alastair McLoughlin - ‘The Butterfly Effect’ - What you may not know about Hypothyroidism’

Michel Odent - ‘The long term consequences of how we are born’

Nader Butto - ‘Universal Laws and the Seventh Sense’

Alexia Monroe - ‘Bowen Business Success’

Sandra Gustafson - ‘Addressing migraines with TMJ and Coccyx procedures’

Margaret Spicer - ‘The Body Mind Dynamic and Bowen’

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John Wilks
John Wilks

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