Informed Consent and the Oncology Client

with Tracey Kiernan


The current guidelines in the UK for touch therapies in cancer care, require either post graduate oncology specific training or signed consultant consent for people living with cancer or who have a history of cancer in the last five years.


Whilst massage and other types of light touch bodywork are being more often recognised as helpful by the medical team, waiting for consultant consent can cause delays to treatment, or even result in having to turn away your client just when they need you most..


Many consultants may be happy to agree but some will also refuse, often on the grounds that they are not qualified in what YOU do and so believe they cannot recommend or give their consent to treatment. Also having consultant consent without appropriate training can lead to crises of confidence for the therapist who is unprepared for working in this field.


Having appropriate training in oncology for the soft tissue therapist and the informed consent process, puts you as the therapist in a position where your client can make his or her own decisions when working with you. Although we actively encourage communication with the medical team. consultant consent is no longer required, and you may begin treatment straight away.


In this webinar Tracey discusses:

  • When to treat and when to wait
  • The informed consent process
  • What it is (and what it isn’t!)
  • How the right training can give you both the confidence to deliver a safe appropriate treatment, and your client the freedom of choice in their care
  • Insurance and Oncology care – getting it right!

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