Holistic Bodywork – Journey towards Wholeness

Live stream with Pascal Beaumart and Lucas Forstmeyer


Whatever modality we use as practitioners, we are always treating a complex living being.


Holistic Bodywork is a comprehensive system for bodywork that allows practitioners to support each individual they work with in growing in a truly holistic way on all levels: somatic-structural / psycho-emotional / relational-social / energetic-spiritual.


On November 6th, Pascal Beaumart and Lucas Forstmeyer will explore the typical steps of this journey. Including questions such as:


- What is the real motivation that brings people to sessions with us?
- How can we uncover the feelings and needs underneath physical problems and postures?
- What does it take to move beyond compensation and towards Being-Whole?
- And what does all of this have to do with Bodywork?

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