Hidden Drivers – The Emotional Command Systems

with Katie Sarra


The Emotional Command Systems, as discovered by Jaak Panksepp, are physical structures in the brain that are responsible for the way an individual gives meaning to his or her life experience.

Understanding these hidden drivers can support effective choices of embodiment practices for those seeking to increase their interoceptive and exteroceptive receptivity.

These concepts are currently strongly influencing neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry. Katie Sarra, founder of the Sea School for Embodiment, UK, introduced them for the first time in the field of embodiment and in connection with the Polyvagal Theory and Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent.

In this presentation, Katie explains the difference between strategies and needs that sometimes become enmeshed by the meaning-making parts of ourselves. She shares her understandings of the evolutionary roots of emotions and ways these can be translated into shared feelings with sufficient differentiation for integration of implicit memory into explicit memory.

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