Healthy Choices in a Wireless Age

Supporting clients to reduce environmental stress

with Julian Treble


Are you concerned about mobile phones or Wi-Fi but unsure as to what you can do or if there is any evidence strong enough against them for you to bother taking action at all?


In this webinar live stream Julian takes you through an overview of the current science and independent opposition to the proliferation of wireless technologies such as the smartphone, commonplace within our homes, businesses, public spaces, pockets and handbags.


You learn how to exercise conscious choices for your own practitioner and family self-care both at home, at work and on the go. Julian highlights the four main culprits of often unnecessary microwave radiation and the choices you can make about it.


Julian has volunteered as an adviser to the UK charity ES UK and has overcome quite considerable work and lifestyle restrictions due to his own sensitivity to microwave wireless radiation. During the period of his symptoms worsening he carried out a process of differential diagnosis and journaling of symptom occurrence and later drew direct correlation to symptom triggers and locality of wireless transmitters.


The strategies and techniques Julian teaches are based on lived experience as well as the shared experience of others who are to varying degrees aware or sensitive to EMF. His strategies are informed by research and discoveries that confirm and explain the physiological and often common sense effects of these technologies upon the human system.

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