Bowen in the NHS – What is AQP?

A Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk for Bowen Practitioners who aspire to work with the NHS

What is Any Qualified Provider (AQP)? What are its implications? How can we join the roller coaster?


This is the first Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk in a special series presented by Paula Esson, the director of the Northern Integrative Health Practice.


Anyone who knows Paula is aware of the huge leaps that have been made for fusing complementary care with the NHS services for chronic pain and general wellbeing. A lecturer for the European College of Bowen Studies for 11 years, Paula brings a wealth of experience across the board for to Bowen therapy training and practice. She has also learned the approaches and language required to open the GP door to referral, and is plugged into the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) reform for the NHS at a national level.


In these 3 Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talks, Paula shares her experience, and gives therapists the confidence and the tools to approach the NHS without wanting to run! She has put the spotlight on what can be achieved with a touch of grit, and now she is ready to share it with you.

Meet Our Course Teacher

Paula Esson
Paula Esson

Bowen Technique

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