Formative Embodiment

A Synthesis of Somatic and Energetic Visions


with Dr. Jim Feil


Formative Embodiment (FE) is a novel approach to key yet under-appreciated elements of successful therapy. FE integrates and uses these elements in a specific way which can be integrated into various kinds of practices, including somatically oriented practices such as SE, manually oriented practices such as Cranial approaches or Polarity Therapy, and classic psychotherapeutic practices with an interest in somatic and formative principles.


In this webinar, Dr. Jim Feil introduces the three pillars of Formative Embodiment:


1. The Formative Process - The development of effective forms to survive and thrive is a priority for the organism. This formative impulse is at the heart of FE.


2. Somatic orientation - FE evokes untapped bodily resources, organized around homeostasis, to support healing and general competence in life.


3. Energetic foundation - FE explores and works with our energy circuitry in oder to release interferences and blockages to our vitality and core energy.

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