Focus on Biotensegrity

Live stream with Joanne Avison, John Sharkey and Wilbour Kelsick

April 12th 2018 at 19h UK time


In the last couple of years, there has been a rapidly growing interest in the model of biotensegrity. According to professionals across the globe, this model is the most exciting development in anatomy, manual therapies and human performance.


In this live seminar, three of the worlds accepted authorities on biotensegrity, Joanne Avison, John Sharkey and Wilbour Kelsick will provide cutting edge information and clinical gems that will allow you to integrate revelations of biotensegrity into your practice.


Find out why this model is of such importance and how it can impact your clinical or movement practice. All three panel guests are speakers at this year's British Fascia Symposium.

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Meet Our Course Teacher

Joanne Avison
Joanne Avison

Yoga, Anatomy, Biotensegrity

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