Fascia and Biotensegrity Focus Group

Live Group with Joanne Avison, Julian Marcus and Guests


Wednesday, June 26th, 8.30h - 9h am UK time


Join Julian Marcus and Joanne Avison for this new session of the eHealth Learning Fascia and Biotensegrity Focus Group. These fortnightly live stream focus groups are 30 minutes long from 8:30 am to 9 am UK time. We have different topics and questions to focus on as well as taking questions from the wider community.


We address and deepen collective knowledge and practices with informed guidance and help from leading teachers Joanna Avison and John Sharkey as well as guests.


If you are interested in bodywork movement therapy or fascia and biotensegrity new paradigm science this is a not to miss event!

Meet Our Course Teacher

Joanne Avison
Joanne Avison

Yoga, Anatomy, Biotensegrity

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