Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid: From Trauma to Attachment With Thomas Harms

Crisis Intervention and Attachment Support for Parents , Babies and Toddlers in Crisis Around Birth and Early Childhood

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Attachment crises after birth are characterised by high stress levels, increased bodily tension and feelings of alienation and insecurity in both parents and child. In this presentation the psychologist and parent-infant therapist, Thomas Harms, will show how the use of simple breathing, touching and awareness exercises helps parents and their children overcome trauma based nursing and childbirth crises, which tend towards a vicious circle weakening all concerned.  He shows how they can find their way back to a state of openness and willingness for attachment. Video examples demonstrate how, by re-establishing a mindful and accepting relationship to their own bodily selves, parents can inaugurate a process of “contagious health” and develop spontaneous access to the bodily and expressive language of their children.

Content Includes:

Neuro-Vegetative Foundation of Parent-Child-Attachment and early Attachment – Disorders

Introduction in Concept of Self-attachment as way to reorganize the inner sources s for bonding and attachment

Self-experiencial Small – Group – Work with Breathing and Touching to explore subjective world of infants and parents in acute situations of crisis after birth

Video-Demonstration of different tools within the Emotional First Aid Approach.

Live-Demonstration of Parent-Infant-Bodypsychotherapy with Family and Baby

7 Parts - Total Runtime: 4 hours

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