Embodied Archetypes

We know that the idea of "one size fits all" doesn't always work. In the application of nutrition or styles of yoga, or which is the best Pilates practice or what kind of manual therapist is best for you, or what kind of clothes you should wear! There is no "one size fits all" in our shapes, our psyche or our ways of being in the world. Yet - we somehow think that when we open an anatomy book - there is a truth about muscles and bones and where they are and that it is the same for us all. Let's consider that it isn't and that we need a different kind of map to understand the living territory of the human being in the human body.

In this webinar, Joanne takes an overview of physical body archetypes through Posture Profiling. Everyone has their own shape or morphology; fascia comes in "body-types". Then she considers archetypal patterns of the psyche (psychosomatic archetypes). Looking through these clear but subtle templates can be a useful resource to assess best movement practice for an individual - or to recognise the individual ways in which each of us express ourselves.

Paradoxically, the only thing that makes us all the same is that every one of us is unique! In embodied archetypes, we consider how valuable it can be to distinguish these physical and metaphysical patterns for ourselves and understand our own moving body matrix – and that of our clients.

Meet Our Course Teacher

Joanne Avison
Joanne Avison

Yoga, Anatomy, Biotensegrity

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