Movement – Body Expression – Joints – Walking Modes

Movement – Body Expression – Joints – Walking Modes

With Christian Krämer

A. Walking and movement patterns and their therapeutic approaches :

  1. Influences of traumatic and pain experiences on the physical body
  2. Soul, psyche and body expression
  3. “Reading” of soul messages und movement patterns

B. Assessment of disease patterns:

  1. Spine and joint diseases
  2. Lumbago and slipped discs
  3. Arthrosis - Arthritis
  4. Posture problems

C. Practical bodywork:

  1. How to deal with limitations of movement
  2. Energetic bodyreading
  3. Healing interventions for clients
  4. Dissolution of posture and walking patterns

D. Basic knowledge regarding:

  1. Systemic – energetic causes of movement patterns
  2. Chakras
  3. Holistic medicine applied to joint problems
Course Durations: 61 mins

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