Compassionate and Unbiased Miscarriage and Abortion Support

with Samantha Zipporah


Ending or losing a pregnancy is a reality doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, social service providers, and community advocates encounter in their practice. How can we nurture clients or patients through pregnancy loss and termination experiences with respect for the process of healing an integrated and whole person?


Samantha Zipporah is a holistic sexual health educator and former doula. Through her professional experience, Samantha has found that suffering and trauma are not inherent to pregnancy loss or termination : they are situational, subjective, and largely culturally inflicted.


This webinar will provide an insight into both spontaneous and deliberate pregnancy release processes- Samantha will present ways how to give more truly non-judgemental support without projecting our own biases, beliefs, & experiences onto others so that pain can be mitigated and undue suffering prevented for people experiencing miscarriage and abortion.

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