Charity Commission review into Complementary Therapies

John Wilks talks to long-term CAM advocate and campaigner Jayney Goddard.

The Charity Commission review into Complementary Therapies – Act now!

Do you work with a charity that uses complementary therapies (such as the Healing Hands Network)? Do you know anyone in Palliative Care who benefits from the provision of complementary therapies? This webinar explains the background to the action by the Good Thinking Society that has forced the Charity Commission to review whether charities that use or promote complementary therapies should have their charitable status revoked, and explains what you can do about it. Time is of the essence – submissions to the Charity Commission have to received by May 19th.

The following are the questions that the Charity Commission are asking:

  • Question 1: What level and nature of evidence should the Commission require to establish the beneficial impact of CAM therapies?
  • Question 2: Can the benefit of the use or promotion of CAM therapies be established by general acceptance or recognition, without the need for further evidence of beneficial impact? If so, what level of recognition, and by whom, should the Commission consider as evidence?
  • Question 3: How should the Commission consider conflicting or inconsistent evidence of beneficial impact regarding CAM therapies?
  • Question 4: How, if at all, should the Commission’s approach be different in respect of CAM organisations which only use or promote therapies which are complementary, rather than alternative, to conventional treatments?
  • Question 5: Is it appropriate to require a lesser degree of evidence of beneficial impact for CAM therapies which are claimed to relieve symptoms rather than to cure or diagnose conditions?
  • Question 6: Do you have any other comments about the Commission’s approach to registering CAM organisations as charities?

To make a submission to the Charity Commission or to read more details about this review, please go here.

Meet Our Course Teacher

Jayney Goddard
Jayney Goddard

Complementary medicine

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